Wednesday, April 10, 2013


On our hike the other day, Middle, who was pretending we were in Africa, kept seeing giraffes. When I admitted that I had missed seeing any myself, she observed, “Well. Some people are color-blind, and some people are detail-blind, and some people are giraffe-blind. And you are giraffe-blind.”

A bit devastating, to learn one is giraffe-blind. I’m taking comfort in the hope that maybe I can learn to see them, not just imagine them, out in the woods in Midwestern America. I think my children would be willing to teach me.

And in the meantime? I’m in love with Middle’s understanding of detail-blindness. Along with the underlying assumption that neither of us is afflicted. Even though, if pressed, we both might have to admit that we mostly just see the important details.

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  1. It sounds to me like Middle might be a kindred spirit to Anne (of Green Gables).


  2. It reminded me of Anne too! What a fun conversation!

  3. I think they could be kindred spirits, but the funny thing is that Middle did not take to those books at all! I suspect she might pick one up again someday and change her mind, but not if I push it. (And as I write that, I'm wondering if that doesn't make them sound even more like kindred spirits!


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