Sunday, March 31, 2013

...And Today, Words

Because there is so much I want to tell you:

...about how much I love Youngest’s purple boots, and wish I had a pair just like them. (Day 44)

...about the words the older sister spells out in Duplo blocks every week during her brother’s violin lesson, and how the word-of-the-week has become something all my students look forward to, and wonder about. (Day 3)

...about how that dried rose is beautiful, yes, but the best thing about it is that it is a birthday rose from my dad—one of many sent or given every year for as long as I can remember. (Day 31)

...about how I didn’t discover it until after I took the picture, but that heart-shaped hole in the leaf—that one’s from me, and I made Middle proud, finding it. (Day 11)

...about how many days out of the last 46 I did not know what I would share with you ahead of time, and how daily it was an act of faith and instinct to trust it was there, and find it. (Most days.)

...about how many days out of the last 46 I took comfort in finding something that spoke to me—about beauty, or what I loved, or how the extraordinary is always there just waiting to be found. (Every day.)

...about how I wish I could share with you the smells of Easter dinner cooking this afternoon, and how much I enjoy filling a place with the aroma of that sort of work.

...about how it staggers me, that cooking produces not only food but rich scents and tender bubbly sounds and warmth—how lavish is that? And how lavish is it that frost, such a small little fact in this vast world, should be so breathtakingly intricate, or that ice cubes, half-melted and refrozen in a take-out cup, are beautiful enough to become a precious jewel in the eyes of a 6 year-old? And in the eyes of her mother, too?

I wanted to explain every picture.

But maybe you saw other things. Sometimes that's where the magic happens.

The silence felt strenuous at times, but I was glad for this project. Thanks for listening a little differently through these last few weeks.

Happy Easter, friends.

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