Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anybody Feel Stuck?

I checked the calendar—it’s still February. Anybody else feel stuck? The grownups around here are tired. The older kids feel completely oppressed by the fact that they have school five days a week and chores every day. Everybody feels completely oppressed by the fact that we’re supposed to put away what we take out, pick up what we drop, and generally be responsible. Plus, you’re not even supposed to eat candy for breakfast. Where’s the magic?

Recently I was reminded of a quote from Shinichi Suzuki, ”If love is deep much can be accomplished.” We try to do what’s best for our kids and for our families, but it’s easy to get bogged down sometimes. Violin lessons, for example, may have started out with a bang, but then you get to a point where in order to improve you have to practice, and to tell you the truth, that’s not always the most appealing thing. It takes a lot of love and creativity on the part of parents to keep things going, keep things positive, keep hold of what is really important.

I have to remind myself constantly that love trumps all, and that that is where I need to start. In everything. When I start there, instead of with the little voices in my head that say, “This needs to happen”, or “We have to get this done”, or “It just can’t be this way”, I find I actually do have some resources for finding a solution, reevaluating a situation or at least shaking things up a little.

What are your solutions to cabin fever/winter doldrums? A couple of years ago I promised myself that the kids and I would dance whenever necessary. And I love Amanda Soule’s Winter Manifesto. What do you do when you get stuck?

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  1. Right there with you! Ideas? Take a day off school to play outside in the snow and have friends over. Do a special school activity, like a field trip or read books on a blanket in the living room and have an indoor picnic. These are a few things we have done. . .but I still have these moments. March is actually worse for me than February, so you may need to remind me in a few weeks! :) March is the month that the big yellow bus driving past my house looks so friendly and inviting! LOL


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