Monday, August 9, 2010

10 Bits of Magic--Vacation Edition

Remembering that grace and wonder abound if I’m willing to see it:

1. A new knitting project
2. Staying up late talking to my mom
3. Pain au chocolate and coffee
4. Finding old friends just as familiar as ever
5. Manitou Island
6. Finding agates and what a friend once called “Lake Superior pretty-stones”
7. Looking up just in time to see a shooting star with the longest green tail ever
8. Thimbleberries
9. Taking our kids to the places we dreamed of bringing them before they were even born
10. The warm, salty squeak of fresh (really, really fresh) cheese curds

What bits of magic did you see or experience last week?

Sunrise on Manitou Island,  photo by Brian Kubin

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