Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Minds Biographies

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

I like to stick to picture books most of the time, but this series of books is just too exciting to not pass along. The Creative Minds Biographies put out by Lerner Publications are aimed at ages 9-12. These slim books with black-and-white illustrations tell the stories of amazing people: artists, writers, musicians, scientists, groundbreakers—dreamers and doers. What a wealth! I’ve read a few of these now, and I think they are very nicely done. But I’ll let the list speak for itself--it's a long one, so here are the arts-related biographies for today:

Bold Composer: A Story About Ludwig Van Beethoven (Creative Minds Biographies)Her Piano Sang: A Story About Clara Schumann (Creative Minds Biographies)Musical Genius: A Story About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Creative Minds Biographies)Raggin': A Story About Scott Joplin (Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)Say It With Music: A Story About Irving Berlin (Creative Minds Biographies)Dance of the Swan: A Story About Anna Pavlova (Creative Minds Biographies)Country Artist: A Story About Beatrix Potter (Creative Minds Biography)Tales for Hard Times: A Story About Charles Dickens (Creative Minds Biographies)Eye on the Wild: A Story About Ansel Adams (Creative Minds Biography)Natural Writer: A Story About Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Creative Minds Biographies)Beyond Little Women: A Story About Louisa May Alcott (Creative Minds Biographies)Words Of Promise: A Story About James Weldon Johnson (Creative Minds Biographies)Mark T-W-A-I-N!: A Story About Samuel Clemens (Creative Minds Biographies)The Play's the Thing: A Story About William Shakespeare (Creative Minds Biographies)Between Two Worlds: A Story About Pearl Buck (Creative Minds Biographies)Jazz Age Poet: A Story About Langston Hughes (Creative Minds Biographies)Science Fiction Pioneer: A Story About Jules Verne (Creative Minds Biographies)Revolutionary Poet: A Story About Phillis Wheatley (Creative Minds Biographies Series)To the Point: A Story About E.B. White (Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)America, I Hear You: A Story About George Gershwin (Creative Minds Book)Writer of the Plains: A Story About Willa Cather (Creative Minds Biography)

Oh, the Places He Went: A Story about Dr. Seuss (Creative Minds Biography)
A Fairy-Tale Life: A Story About Hans Christian Andersen (Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)
Good Morning, Mr President: A Story About Carl Sandburg (Creative Minds)
What Do You Mean? a Story About Noah Webster (Creative Minds)

I'll try to get more titles to you later this week--check back!


  1. I've never heard of these, but they look great! Have you checked any out from the Adair Library?

  2. We've checked out one book about environmentalist and nature writer Rachel Carson (I thought I'd include her with scientists and activists later this week), but I haven't seen others. Of course, I haven't searched for ALL of them. I've gotten a few through our university library's interlibrary system. This series seems to have been going for quite a while, and some of the books are out of print. Looking for them used might be pretty cheap if you can't use interlibrary loan. I wish these were easier to come by--(really wasn't trying to be a tease!) :)


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