Monday, October 4, 2010

Still More Creative Minds Biographies

The third installment of a list dreamers.  I'll wrap up with activists, leaders, and others in the socio-political realm:

Freedom Seeker: A Story About William Penn (Creative Minds Biography)I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight: A Story About John Paul Jones (Creative Minds Biographies)First Son And President: A Story About John Quincy Adams (Creative Minds Biographies)A Hunger For Learning: A Story About Booker T. Washington (Creative Minds Biographies)Living With the Senecas: A Story About Mary Jemison (Creative Minds Biographies)President of the Underground Railroad: A Story About Levi Coffin (Creative Minds Biography)Fighting for Equal Rights: A Story About Susan B. Anthony (Creative Minds Biographies)Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story About Ely Parker (Creative Minds Biographies)With Open Hands: A Story About Biddy Mason (Creative Minds Biographies)Liberty or Death: A Story About Patrick Henry (Creative Minds Biographies)Stateswoman to the World: A Story About Eleanor Roosevelt (Creative Minds Biography)President of the Underground Railroad: A Story About Levi Coffin (Creative Minds Biography)Writing for Freedom: A Story About Lydia Maria Child (Creative Minds Biographies)The Workers' Detective: A Story About Dr. Alice Hamilton (Creative Minds Biographies)Demanding Justice: A Story About Mary Ann Shadd Cary (Creative Minds Biographies)Remember the Ladies: A Story About Abigail Adams (Creative Minds Biography)Walking the Road to Freedom (Creative Minds Biography)Shoes for Everyone: A Story About Jan Matzeliger (Creative Minds Biography)Sisters Against Slavery: A Story About Sarah and Angelina Grimke (Creative Minds Biography)Voice of the Paiutes (Creative Minds Biographies)Father of the Constitution: A Story About James Madison (Creative Minds Biographies)Go Free or Die: A Story About Harriet Tubman (Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)The Road to Seneca Falls: A Story About Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)Uncommon Revolutionary: A Story About Thomas Paine (Creative Minds Biographies)Voice of Freedom: A Story About Frederick Douglass (Creative Minds Biography)Civil Rights Pioneer: A Story About Mary Church Terrell (Creative Minds Biographies)

Champion for Children's Health: A Story About Dr. S. Josephine Baker (Creative Minds Biographies)
Mammolina: A Story About Maria Montessori (Creative Minds Biography)
I Speak for the Women: A Story About Lucy Stone (Creative Minds Biographies)

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