Friday, November 12, 2010

In Which I Share an Article for Completely Self-Serving Reasons

I admit it. I googled “clutter and creativity” and bypassed all the (many) search results that talk about how clutter inhibits creativity, picking instead this New York Times article that claims clutter might be good. I had heard rumors to this effect, and actively sought out support for them. If you are a neat, organized person, God bless you and please do not be offended. I admire you greatly, and this article probably has nothing to offer you. If, like me, your lack of organization is just one more source of guilt, shame, and frustration, maybe there’s some wisdom (and moral support) to be found here. At the very least, it makes me think I need to tweak my response to my children’s mess (yes, they need to learn how to clean up, but are the ransacked school room and bedrooms a travesty, or a sign of wonderful things going on?)

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