Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Bits of Magic

Remembering that grace and wonder abound if I’m willing to see it:

1. Monarch flickering by
2. Phone call from a friend
3. Banana chocolate chip muffins with ginger, still warm
4. Cricket-filled nights
5. Open windows
6. Clouds moving fast across the sky
7. Up early, the only one awake
8. Cuddling with my children
9. Bare feet
10. Quiet Sunday afternoon

What bits of magic have you seen or experienced recently?

I would love to have you join in! List your own "10 Bits of Magic" on your blog with a link back to me, and use Mister Linky to leave your own link below. (Or, if you prefer, just list a few bits you've seen recently in the comments below. It is a joy to hear from you, either way.)

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  1. 10 bits of magic for me:

    1. Snuggling with a soft, warm puppy!
    2. Playing music with my husband in any capacity
    3. Long car drives where every second is filled with lively conversation.

    4. Unexpected free time when you desperately needed it.
    5. Outdoor dinners on a quiet summer evening.
    6. Rediscovering your inner child even when you're almost 30 years old:)
    7. Hearing students get better and better with time.
    8. Watching a storm from inside.
    9. Fresh, hot coffee in a large mug.
    10. Being up before everyone else in the morning and just being alone with your thoughts:)

  2. Posted!

    I wrote mine before I read yours but there were some similarities this week :)

  3. Loved them--thank you, Diana!

  4. I linked up - although this weeks is a little different because I couldn't imagine I was going to have time to do two posts! :)

  5. My friend...
    I am going to try to join you in this endeavor when we get back from our final trip. Hoping you have a great week!! Can't wait to catch up with you over a cup of coffee. :)

  6. Laura, that would be fantastic (the joining-in and the coffee.) I'll be looking forward to both.


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