Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Things I Could Not Share With You

• The sound of branches knocking together on a windy day
• A robin building her nest outside our dining room window
• Rain
• The thousands of moments the light caught my eye—bending and shifting, illuminating and coloring a thousand tiny different details
• Open windows, the spring-scented wind
• The warmth of the sun
• The joy of a current read-aloud (The BFG, by Roald Dahl)
• The slowness and delicacy with which green (and yellow and pink and fuchsia and white) spread through the trees
• Every sunrise, every bud, every flower about to bloom
• The frustration of an injury, then illness (my half marathon is on Saturday. Saturday!)
• The relief of a full, deep breath (after 3+ weeks, I can finally say today that my breathing is back to normal)
• The story behind each picture
• All the imaginary conversations I had with you—all the words I wanted to pour out on you

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  1. So glad you are fully functionally breathing again. You will have a terrific Saturday!

    Perhaps you can share some of those stories behind the pictures slowly... over time. They were all lovely, by the way.

    And I am totally cool with imaginary conversations. Sometimes they are quite profound!!! :D

    1. It's true--they can be quite profound, and revealing, if a little one-sided. I wonder sometimes, what people would think about the things I tell them in my head.

  2. I enjoyed the photo series very much and was happy to see the peacock return again!
    Good luck with the race... I am signed up for the Fargo Half the week after my 40th. Also dealing with injury or somesuch in my sacrum so I appreciate the uncertainty you're dealing with. Hope you can enjoy it, even if you have to walk. There are always more races to follow!
    We have just finished BFG and found it a great read aloud too. Now we're on to Matilda, same author.
    Wish we could connect in person. Miss you but so appreciate this window into your life.
    XO Amy

    1. I miss you, too, Amy! I truly hope we will get to run together in October. I will be thinking about you the weekend after your birthday--I hope you won't be dealing with pain at that point!

  3. me too!
    ditto to everything Laura said.

  4. Good luck with your half marathon! You can do it!

    1. Thank you! (You've got some big runs coming up yourself, don't you? I hope training is going better!)


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