Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paper Flowers

It starts because the “Easy Origami Giraffe” is decidedly un-easy. Or at least the directions are. The lily, though, with its detailed instructions and clear pictures—it has a lot of promise.

The first time through the pattern works like a puzzle. But after making a few you discover there’s a rhythm. The paper dances a little. All the preparatory folds, the ones that seemed so fussy at first, become clear, and things happen under your fingers as if by magic.

It’s amazing how quickly your fingers are able to learn the distances—how far one point must travel to meet up with another, how far an edge must go to reach the center crease—soon it becomes a smooth motion. Something felt, no longer calculated.

Of course they are only shadows of the real thing. But the colors, the motion, the neatness of the folds, all draw you in. The delicacy of this thing that used to be flat but has been folded into something with dimension and substance—it calls out a certain feeling in you, to hold it in your hand without crushing it.

This is no longer about making decorations for the kindergarten classroom at day camp. This is about color and form. This is about making pathways, and mirroring something you couldn’t possibly re-create.

It is about a small gift to the world, adding beauty to beauty, seeing possibility.

It is about trusting that there is meaning even to the things that don’t make sense at first.

Clearly you need to make a whole bouquet.

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  1. I love it and I love them - they are truly beautiful!

  2. I love this. And the photo is beautiful too.

  3. Beautiful. And what a photo - the light! The colors!
    - alison

  4. So beautiful. And that photo - the light! The colors!
    - alison

  5. Thank you to all three of you! The photo was a happy accident--I've learned to take a lot of pictures in the hopes that one will be what I'm looking for. None of the others looked anything like this one.

  6. Is that Stephanie's hand? I love the way she hovers around the peripheral of your blog. What a beautiful and lively presence that girl is. (And if it's not her hand, then just pretend I commented this on some post she is involved in!)

    1. It is her hand. Often the hands are Middle's, too, but she is a different sort of presence. She is the one, for example who for several months brought me things she had discovered with heart shapes. I try to balance all three kids out, but usually they end up showing up in the blog in surprising ways. (But I love it, too.)


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