Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In Which I Get Totally Distracted While Cleaning

Straightening up, yesterday, I found this:

I don’t know which child made it, although I have a guess. I haven’t asked, yet, about the story behind it. What I saw, though, was a paper moth, silent on a chair in a quiet house on a busy morning. A gift.
In another room, another gift—art and light working together:

The glitter has been glued to the floor for a while, now, and I have no desire to clean it up. That may prove I’m a slob, or overly-sentimental, but it’s the truth.
These are the things I want to focus on, the things I hope will always draw my attention. We are not a tightly-run ship in this house. We are messy and complicated and growing, all of us. When I remember that, the gifts abound.

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  1. Little poems. Koans. Beautiful, Karen. Thank you for these. XO
    - alison

    1. Alison, I've been feeling the urge recently to spend more time writing poems, and I've been frustrated that I haven't gotten around to it yet. Thank you for helping me see it all differently!


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