Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Found: This, Too

Husband and I have committed the last two weeks before school gets out to going-through, straightening-up, purging the house of Stuff. I have been anticipating and dreading this time ever since we decided to do it. There’s too much of it in the house, this Stuff, and it is part junk, part treasure. Deciding which is a big job I would kind of like to continue avoiding. I am sustaining myself with fantasies of Order, and some kind of clean efficient spareness that is probably impossible, considering the five of us seem to be part hobbit. I also promised myself  a new project: sharing some of what I find here on the blog.

So there's been lots of paper. Also bits of ribbon, misplaced scissors, markers (dried-out and not,) stickers. But so much paper. Paintings, coloring books, construction paper, origami paper. Sheet after sheet of hearts, hand-tracings, princesses. Books written in shaky hands on handwriting pages (blue line, blue dotted line, red line, lots of space in between.) Notebooks, journals, letters. Drawings that read like wishes and confessions.

And a growing stack of unused white paper. Not-new but clean, ready, waiting. So many possibilities. Do you know how good this is for the soul?

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