Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today is the Day

They have been waiting. And waiting. Practicing with box violins (mac and cheese boxes, stuffed with plastic bags and wrapped in turquoise duct tape, paint stirrers hot-glued in for necks) and dowel rod bows. They have been practicing, and singing and clapping and marching and dancing and listening. And waitingmostly patiently but not alwaysfor today.

It will feel differentthe real violins are heavier, and not as easy to get in the right spot on your shoulder. Today will feel like a step backward because the playing positions and bow holds will not be as familiar as they were yesterday. I promised them the ease will come back, and will arrive much sooner than it did the first time around.

Everything will be more breakable now, and we've had a few accidents in class, already. We'll deal with that when we need to.

Butsound. We are so close to making sound, and learning notes, and putting real pieces together, bit by bit. We are going to make music together.

Today is huge.

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  1. My girls couldn't sleep last night because they were so excited!!! Love that they already have such a love for the violin!!

    1. Me too! It was such a delight, watching their faces.

  2. My little violinist is thrilled to be making music now too. We just practiced and she decided to do 10 goody goody stop stops on the A string instead of just 7. :)

    1. Janice, I love that so much. I love getting to witness that kind of excitement.


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