Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Found, Day 1

The last three years I “gave up” words here for Lent, posting pictures only. This year I want to try something a little different. The pictures were about watching and seeing and I want to continue in that vein, but with more freedom. So this time around I’m reserving the right to use words, pictures, links, whatever. The plan is to keep things simple: I’ll look, and I’ll share what I find.

This has been on the floor of my office for several weeks. It's a reject from a child's Valentine-making project and I don't know how, exactly, it got where it got. Now that it's in my space, though, it feels personal, and I'm leaving it in its found form for now. The fact that the holiday is over doesn't bother me. My Valentine's roses are still on the dining room table. The meaning remains. Happy day to you (love is gorgeous humble, slightly crumpled, not-shiny.)

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  1. "love is gorgeous humble, slightly crumpled, not-shiny." love this.

  2. Love that sentence too! It also sometimes ends up being shiny too!

    1. Yes! And I think it is gorgeous both in its shiny and not-shiny forms. Thank you, Steve.


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