Sunday, March 22, 2015

Found, Day 33

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  1. A friend of mine (our age) just had her first baby this year. There's nothing like talking to a new mom to remind you how passionately the joys and concerns of parenting are connected. I was struck again how I can't unravel the strands of joy my children bring me from the gut wrenching strands of concerns that they also bring me. And how somehow that all adds up to something beautiful. More human and raw than I want it to be, but more beautiful, maybe because of that.

    This was lovely. I'd like to go get a book and a marker and do this all day. Think my kids would notice if I snuck off?

    1. Maybe they will want to do it, too! Which itself could have mixed results, of course.

      I'm with you on the intense joys and concerns of parenting. It feels different now that they are older, but no less intense!


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