Saturday, April 4, 2015

Found, Day 46

My parents found each other so quickly
7 weeks from meeting to married
and over Winter Break at that—
that there was confusion afterwards.
When my mother wrote her new name on the
chalkboard for the Freshman Comp class
the students wanted to know
what happened to the teacher listed in the catalog.
“She got married,” was the reply,
and when they thought that was too bad
she told them “Not at all—it’s me!”
A friend who hadn’t seen my father
for a while wanted to set him up:
“There’s this girl you have to meet.
You would like her a lot.”
“That’s funny,” Dad replied
after hearing her name,
“I married her last week.”
And sometimes this is proof to me
that there’s no such thing as a wrong turn—
that no matter which direction you choose
you will find yourself
in the right place for your story.

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  1. Love that narrative Karen. I'd forgotten how quickly "found" turned into a lifetime committment -- Though herum and i lived in Minneapolis at the time and were able to attend their wedding. Thank you for honoring their story. Anna Lee

    1. Thank you, Anna Lee! I have always enjoyed the story, myself! Knowing these little bits is precious--they add up in a special way.


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