Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Bits of Magic

Mondays are a little rough around here these days. Getting back into the weekly routine seems to be a painful transition for Mom and kids alike. So I thought it would be nice to start the week remembering some magical things and moments from the week before, remembering that grace and wonder abound if I’m willing to see it:

1.  Youngest learning to pronounce the word "lunch" perfectly
2.  Fresh basil
3.  Hunting for arrowheads with my husband and kids
4.  Male black-winged damselfly
5.  The smile on Middle's face when she got baptized
6.  Hugs from new friends
7.  The wet, green color of the sky before a thunderstorm
8.  White hair
9.  The way Oldest drapes his arm around my shoulders
10. The sound of a late-summer night in Missouri

What bits of magic did you see or experience last week?


  1. For some reason, it's the white hair that caught my attention. . . :)

  2. Owning it and embracing it. (So far.)

  3. ah, the late summers of my MO childhood...cicadas and katydids...and the virginia creeper hanging down from the huge oak in my front yard--like giant spanish moss...

    here in MN it's the insistent and LOUD chirps (and a surprising array of other sounds)of our chipmunks and a couple of gorgeous non-humid days in the very low 80's...and our tall handsome mensch of a son turning up on the front steps yesterday from the foreign land of texas...

  4. Non-humidity and low 80's sounds just about perfect! (I would take high 70's, too, like a perfect U.P. summer day). This is by far the farthest south I've ever lived, and it makes a difference...

    Was your son's visit a surprise? It's hard to believe my own son is pretty much halfway to 20--he's only getting taller and more independent--fun to watch but surreal, too!


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