Friday, January 21, 2011

Just One of Those Weeks

I love my many different roles, and I feel blessed with the opportunity to choose which ones I play throughout the day. So I’m not complaining. But are all my ducks in a row? Not exactly. They are all accounted for, and they (usually) get where they need to go, but they tend to wander along the way.

Here’s the thing. It’s very easy to look around at other people and think they have it all together. I look at other women and think, “Wow, she’s doing x, and y, and z, and she grows all her own vegetables, and she volunteers, AND her children’s hair is always neatly combed. I’m such a loser!” At the same time, I am sure that all the ways in which I am a loser are obvious to everyone around me. Do I need to just grow up and get over it? Probably. I know nobody’s perfect. I’m starting to realize that I’m not the only woman who looks around and thinks that every other woman around her is doing a better job. And I know that comparing oneself to others is a useless, unwinnable game. Every woman I know is amazing in a different way.

Let me just say, though, that it’s been one of those weeks. Potato batteries, a Shostakovich symphony, books, homemade silly putty, what-are-we-going-to-eat-tonight, five new students, three dreamy kids, math drama, art projects, and not enough sleep—they’re all there, but they just won’t be put in a neat, tidy row right now. And all together, they are stressful. But I love them.

Last Saturday morning I was cramming for book club, baking muffins and boiling an egg. I was feeling slightly pleased with myself for juggling all these things while remaining calm and cheerful, even though I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Then Middle walked into the kitchen and noticed smoke pouring from the cookbook I had left on the stove (right before I turned the wrong burner on high in order to boil said egg.)

A picture for you, in case you, too, are having one of those weeks:

Let’s hear it for the ducks, in a row or otherwise! I’m thankful for every one.


  1. Ah, there's so much in this post! I'm with you, 100%!! Way to be real! Have you seen this post?

    I love the phrase about three dreamy kids--where do they get that beautiful trait? :) And I just had to laugh at the cookbook. I used to ruin my mom's burner covers by turning on the wrong burner (notice it was a continuing action)! :)

    At least it's Friday. . .maybe next week will be better! :)

  2. Thanks Shonya--I'll check out the link! Just trying to keep it real. :)

  3. Hi! New reader here. Completely know what you mean about looking at others in wonderment and thinking they've got it all together...except none of us really do. NOT having all your ducks in a row is what makes you unique and interesting!

  4. Hello, and welcome! You're right, of course. I LOVE unique and interesting, but there are days (and weeks, and sometimes months) when I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. :)

  5. I don't think my ducks have ever been in a row but I fantasize about it happening "someday". Of course, then I miss the here and now because I'm longing for someday or I look back at the good ol' days of "only one kid" or "no kids" and pine away for something long gone. Honestly though, I never had my ducks in a row then either. :) I'm happy if I can just keep them in my own yard!

    God gives us the manna for today and we can't save it for tomorrow. I have to focus on today and not the future.

  6. First thought is that I totally agree with and love your comment that 'every woman is amazing in a different way'. I find that to be extremely comforting, personally. I, too, can look at all these fantastic women around me (YOU are included in that group) and wonder what on earth is wrong with me??!!?? But, when I am thinking clearly, I SO appreciate the way that God has filled my life with a diverse group of amazing women to help me laugh at myself and see Him in everything.

    I love your posts. Always!

    P.S. I also love that Moosewood cookbook!! How sad!! :)

  7. Thank you Laura!

    I spent years believing I was the only one who felt that way, and cut myself off from a lot of wonderful people because I felt like I couldn't measure up. It's comforting to me, too, to know we're gifted differently and to actually embrace that instead of feeling bad about getting different gifts. (Not that I don't still play the comparing game WAY more than I should, though.) And I really love that diversity of women, too--what a blessing!

    The cookbook is still usable, thankfully. Just less "pretty."

  8. Oh Karin. I just had to laugh at that picture. I, too, have burned my share of burner covers, batches of rice, and just about everything else. You know those fleece blankets that are "easy" to make by cutting the sides into strips and tying the strips together? Last year when my brain meds were really messing me up, it took over an hour to tie one side. I was so excited this Christmas because I cut the fabric, the strips, and tied all the sides in an hour! Threw it in the washer, and pulled it out in two pieces....I hadn't double-knotted the strips. Screams and LOL all at once. 3 hours later......................... Just sayin'. Good to be weak. And happy to join you. It is my life.

  9. Thank you Nancy! You're right--it is good to be weak--on all sorts of levels and for all sorts of reasons.


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