Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back

This reminder appeared in November, without fanfare or announcement, after my husband returned home from the funeral of a beloved friend and mentor. The man’s name is on the other side, along with the years 1951-2010. It hangs on a wall sconce in our bedroom and quietly exhorts us to live faithful and purposeful lives.

2010 was a year we lost several loved ones. There were other things, both good and bad, about the year, but this is what sticks out. And along with the accompanying sorrow and memories, each passing brought a necessary taking-stock of one’s own life: how much has passed, how the rest can be spent, and what is truly important.

I’m all for resolutions. But I have to remind myself that more than I want an organized house, I want one that is open and welcoming. More than I want to be in great shape, I want a body that is strong and healthy and loving. More than I want to be relaxed and well-rested, I want my life overflowing with good work and people I love.

I don’t want to lose my focus.

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