Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Moon

Somewhere above us Friday night, there was a blue moon. I would have loved to see it lighting the darkness. Instead we had rain, after a summer of almost none. And I looked out the window and saw something beautiful anyway.

It is amazing how quickly the green can return.

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  1. That's fun! I didn't know it was a blue moon. I think the naming of the moons should come back. Did you know each one of the year has names? They've been different at different times, but I LOVE the moon and I think it would be fun to say, "Look! The Wolf Moon!" Which is cooler than the Egg Moon or the Worm Moon, but still, I'd be on board for using a real name for each full moon.

    1. It seems like I read something, once, that listed the names of the full moons month by month. Maybe a picture book? Or maybe I've imagined the whole thing right now.

      But I love names, and now I know that the Wolf Moon is in January, and the Worm Moon is in March. This month is the Harvest Moon. I would be right on board with you using real names for each full moon.

      I thought it was interesting that we missed something rare like Friday's blue moon because of something that has also seemed very rare this summer--rain. It struck me as rather poetic.


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