Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We were so proud of these. Each pumpkin so carefully picked, each face so carefully designed. And we all knew about Halloween pranks and the possibility of vandalism, but we put our creations out on the front porch anyway, to share with the world.

O pumpkin-smashing pumpkin thieves, if you only knew what my children wanted to do to you, maybe you would have thought twice.

There was much venting. Along with reminders that there is such a thing as mercy.

And Monday afternoon we made time for a do-over.

The pumpkins were less-carefully picked, and the scooping-out of pumpkin guts and designing-&-carving of faces was interspersed with regular schoolday afternoon and evening activities. But we are very proud of these, too.

We have not been defeated. Later today I will put them out on the front porch to share with the world.

At night I’ll bring them in.

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  1. Good idea about bringing them in! Sorry you all had worked so hard just to have it ruined by punks:( They look really good!! I'm too lazy to carve pumpkins myself. My sole effort consisted of one pumpkin on the stoop with some mums that were blown over by powerful winds the past few days:( Finally had to bring those in, too.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I've had empty planters sitting by the porch steps all summer. Never did get around to filling them! A pumpkin and mums sounds lovely!

  2. That stinks so much! My kids still go on long monologues about how mean the people were who burned up Brashear Park. It's so hard for our kids to find out that sometimes other people do sucky things. I'm glad you got new ones, and I hope the pumpkin smashers are allergic to pumpkin juice and have broken out in hives. Um, and then I'll work on being more merciful.

    1. Ooh, that's a good one! I think it's good to acknowledge that some stuff is truly sucky. (Brashear Park really got to my kids, too.) I let them vent quite a bit. I did, however, stop them from going out to hunt the culprits down.

    2. Probably a wise thing to do...


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