Friday, October 26, 2012

Recent Magic

Saturday: sunlight and warmth and not much of a schedule.

Sunday: my first trail half marathon. It was hard and beautiful and sometimes felt beyond me, but I did it.

Monday: ran into a friend at just the right time.

Tuesday: a morning run in driving rain with another friend—listened to stories about ultramarathoners, tore through large puddles, laughed hard.

(Tuesday night: caught Piazzolla on the radio)

Wednesday: a gift of habaneros. There's a hot pepper chutney recipe calling to me.

Thursday: laughed with a friend. A lot.

Friday: looked up just in time to see a shooting star. Kids off from school, and the sound of tape being used for an elaborate project. Lots and lots of tape.

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  1. Love this. What a good week. And reminiscent of the Bits of Magic posts. Which I also loved.

    (PS- we went to try out a new violin teacher today. Dalton would have made you proud!)

    1. I can't stop myself from coming back to those bits of magic every once in a while...

      I hope you find a good fit in a teacher. But we all miss Dalton (and you!) very much.

    2. I'm not sure she quite knew what to do with his chattiness. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that none of them will be you. Although this is a college town and I do think your family should relocate here. It would work out perfectly for everyone.

  2. Laughter is good.... :) Sounds like a lovely week.


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