Saturday, January 25, 2014

A List for the Middle of the Night

“Mommy, give me something to think about,” she often asks when I tuck her back in to bed in the middle of the night. Bad dreams have this way of haunting. They need to be crowded out with other thoughts.

You are swimming in a pool filled with chocolate—sweet, smooth, thick.

You are walking through a field of flowers, never-ending. Every flower is a different color. Every flower is a jewel, cut paper-thin and glowing in the sun.

You are a mountain climber who cannot fall. You can climb anything, anywhere, as easily as walking up the stairs.

You have the power to shrink or grow to any size. What will you do? Where will you go?

You have the opportunity to spend one day being somebody else—thinking their thoughts, feeling their feelings, doing what they do.

You find a magical pair of shoes. They will take you anywhere in the universe.

You live in Upside-Down World.

Your pet mouse is a fairy in disguise.

Your pet mouse is a spy in disguise.

You own an invisible car. Only you can drive it.

You get to spend one night in the biggest candy store in the world.

Instead of walking you have to fly.

Your best friend is a flying horse.

You are the most famous dancer in the world.

You are the most famous whistler in the world. Your whistling, in fact, has magical powers.

The whole world voted and made you queen for one year. What will that be like?

You are a star, watching the world from above. What does that feel like? What do you see? What do you know that nobody else knows?

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  1. I am a huge fan of I can't wait to read your first children's book:
    "You are the most famous whistler in the world. Your whistling, in fact, has magical powers."
    Love - amy

    1. Amy, my second grade teacher brought her husband in to class as a special guest--he whistled for us. It was completely entrancing. I do think this would make a nice fairy tale sort of book...


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