Sunday, January 19, 2014

Second Look

So somebody stuck a pair of googly eyes on the ketchup dispenser at Culver's. I took the picture because it was whimsical, because I loved the happiness unexpected. Because if our family is at Culver's it means we are on the road and some combination of tired and hungry, regardless of anything else, and seeing this cut into that mood.

But since I took the picture it has kept speaking. About whimsy, yes, but also about generosity. About how there's a lot of power in being able to share what you see, and even more power in doing it simply. About "Show, don't tell," and surprise, and seeing, in general. 

There's a whole story behind this that I'll never know. And the person who did it will never know how it lived on in my imagination. But there's a connection now, and regardless of intent or anything else, when I look at this picture I will forever see a work of art.

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