Sunday, December 7, 2014

Light: 12/7/14

In a new light:

1. Tuesday night on our way to rehearsal I wanted to capture the shine of oncoming headlights on the raindrops all over the windshield. Then I saw what showed up on the camera’s display screen, and I wanted to capture that even more. Many pictures later (Husband was driving,) I had neither. But I had this, and I like it anyway, failed intentions aside:

2. This morning I tried to give Youngest some new words to counter what she runs into at school. To show her that “weird” is only one way of saying it—that there are other words, less barbed, more clarifying: unique, eclectic, special. Because those are things you want to hold on to, not bury.

If only my words can flood their words with light. If only she can grab hold of the power in retelling that story.

3. Later this morning, this on Alison McGhee’s website—this pulled it all together for me today.

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