Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Things, Part 3

1. I love those cracks in life that reveal other worlds. The constant possibility of being distracted by the view out the window. The endless deep layers of everything.

2. I can’t tell you exactly what it is that I relish so much in a Mendelssohn scherzo, except to say that it is somehow related to what I relish in the sound of water, or glittering rocks, or fluttering leaves. Delicate and fast of course, but also just terribly alive. Wild, but gentle.

3. There are times when you very clearly walk in to the middle of a story, discover a different sort of crack in life:

I can tell you that this guy was released back into the wild last night, but I wonder how long he watched us from his perch on top of the kitchen cabinet, and what adventure, exactly, landed him in this particular predicament.

Do you think he went home a changed creature, with stories to tell?

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  1. Ha love the bat. Considering we've been reading books like Charlotte's Web and Ralph the Mouse, I definitely think that bat has a story to tell! Grin

  2. Oh my... at least he wasn't in a boot again!

  3. We have learned quite a bit about bats. Do you know, for example, what kinds of sounds make bats start squeaking? (Surely that is the technical word for the noise they make.) Jingling car keys, the washing machine, and violins are all very effective.


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