Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Things

1. Overheard, about the nature of a pearl : “It grows in response to an irritant.” A thought that staggers me sometimes, has done so for years, because could you yourself have imagined a better response? It’s so lavish and strong and beautiful. And…lavish.

2. The article I emailed to Oldest, after he looked over my shoulder while I was reading it and asked, “That’s about Malala, isn’t it?” No, somebody else, who is also risking her life for girls to get an education in Pakistan. Whose mother did everything she could, took beatings even, to ensure her daughter’s education. I’m so thankful my son is paying attention.

3. I wonder at my repetitiveness with certain themes. It’s possible I’ve gotten quite boring. But then I counter that thought with the quote my mother has taped to her studio wall: “Knowledge does not equal ability. Knowledge plus 10,000 times equals ability.”
–Shinichi Suzuki
I’m trying to teach myself something, here. Going for ability.

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  1. #1. love

    #2. Oldest is the coolest kid.

    #3. This makes me feel better. I was just thinking (worrying, fretting) that my blogs are just continual harpings on the same themes. Yours never feels that way, but I'm willing to convince myself I'm going for ability too!

    1. I'm afraid I worry and fret over most blog posts--both that I am continually harping, and that I am very publicly revealing just how ______ I am.(Depending on the day you could fill in that blank with shallow, hysterical, sappy, self-absorbed, overly-serious, or any number of other things.) But I never feel that way about your blog. I'm hoping that means we can both feel encouraged!

  2. Never boring, my friend, never boring!

    1. Thank you, Shonya. I appreciate the encouragement.


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