Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Do You Want?

That’s at the heart of New Years’ resolutions, right? What you want? Who you want to be? The things you want to make happen?

When I read an open invitation earlier this week to share my big dreams for the year, I was tempted. The big ones? What if I really did say them out loud? And what about the smaller ones?

I would much rather talk about dreams than resolutions. With the understanding, of course, that dreams are to be acted upon.

I’m not a big fan of resolutions. I love fresh starts, I love setting goals, but big pronouncements about what I’m going to do THIS YEAR, anything too rigid—and my perfectionist side adores rigid—will eventually paralyze me. Give me a skeleton—a vision—a what do you want—and let me fill in the details as I go. That is work I can lose myself in.

I want to create something I know is too big for me.

I want to keep seeing the beauty.

I want to love better.

I want the things I’ve named in my heart but have to keep there.

I want to read and listen and talk and pray and laugh.

I want to dance with my children.

I want to make things.

I want to push back against fear.

What do you want?

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  1. I want to settle into each moment without feeling rushed toward the next.

    I want to relearn prayer.

    I want to enjoy things with as much enthusiasm as I give to being frustrated by things.

    And I'm sure i want many more things, but i also am constantly wanting more time to think, and until I get that I'm afraid this is all that comes to mind.

    But thank you for giving me the space and the nudge to at least type out these things.

    1. I love these, Janice. Thank you! I find myself wanting more time to think, too. It is hard to find that space, especially when you are trying to balance the need for it against little ones' needs.


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