Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful, Day 10: Small and Strange

The sky did all sorts of wonderful things this morning, and yes, I took lots of sunrise pictures. I love that you can look up and be amazed so often—that every day has its own kind of beauty.

But I also love that you can look down and find something much more humble but still magic. I’m grateful, actually, for the things that seem a little awkward at first but maybe only because you don’t know them well enough. Because I get awkward. And of course it’s slimy, but the fact that a slug has that much delicate detail—that much personality—is delightful. What if we all left a shimmering trail behind us wherever we went?

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  1. I would like to call all the girls from the last Girl's Night Out to be my witness that I claimed that you could say something beautiful about slugs on your blog and make me rethink them. (or was it bats?) All I would have to write about slugs is that once in a campsite in a rain forest they kept falling out of trees to splat on the ground. And I was horrified.

    But at is moment I see them as beautiful.

    And I would say your writing leaves a shimmering trail behind it.

    1. Oh my, I completely forgot about that! I think it was bats because I remember we talked about them a lot, but then again, the slugs falling out of trees sounds familiar, too. In my defense, I really did look down at the sidewalk this morning after taking pictures of the sunrise and get sort of geeky about this creature. But now I hold you partly responsible...

  2. Replies
    1. A completely un-disgusting trail, of course...


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