Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful, Day 16: Knowing

That this lace scarf grew out of a single line. That by putting one foot in front of another a person can cover many miles. That practice gets you somewhere. There is power in knowing these things. Comfort, too.

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  1. oh, knowing that "practice gets you somewhere." I sure hope so. It feels like I've been practicing patience and kindness to the kids non-stop - well, trying to practice - and it feels like it's not getting any easier. Going to cling to the fact that practice does get you somewhere.

    1. I hear you, and believe me I cling to this fact myself. Two things I've noticed about practice: 1) as you get better, your expectations go up accordingly, and it's really easy to think there's been no change at all, and 2) the work you do in one area translates into others, so even while you're feeling like an impatient mess with your kids (at least that's how I feel, anyway,) you've probably gotten better at being patient all-around. As in, the word has a whole new meaning now that you've been a mother for a while...

      But can I just say that I think you are super-patient? Because I do. And I'm starting to feel guilty about my own lack of patience...

    2. those are good points about practice. I need to remember them.


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